Apple ID Sign Up – 11 Important Facts About The ID

Apple id sign up

Apple came up with idea of apple id sign up with consumers security as its major concern. This is very significant because of rampant theft, and insecurity.

What is apple ID

Apple id sign up

Apple ID is an all-in-one account used to log into different online systems. that Apple Inc. offers for many of its products, such as iWork, iCloud, the iTunes Store, and the Apple Store, using a customer’s existing email address from any email provider

it’s an account that gives you access to all that you do, using any Apple device.

it’s an identity confirming that you are still the same person using another apple product. be it an iPhone, Mac, or iPad, you know that your Apple ID account page.

Let’s look at other uses, and how important is your Apple ID.

How Important is your Apple ID Sign up

Your ID is your personal KEY to all products made by Apple, be it software or hardware. It’s your access point to all Apple services, from iCloud to iMessage.

It’s the easiest way to move from one Apple product to another, example, when iPhone 7 came out and I needed to trade my iPhone 6 for 7, my Apple ID was the transition key.

How to Create New Apple ID

Apple id sign up, how to create anew apple id.

Apple ID sign up is very simple, and you can do it in just two or three steps.  Go to;

What you will meet here is a simple form to fill, which mostly requires just your email address, and a password that must be very strong.

The strength of the password is the only thing to take your time. If you do not know how to sign up for an email account, please login to; or

There are other providers, but this are the most popular.

Is One ID Enough For All Apple Devices?

This ID has a great ability to unify all your Apple devices, this means you can open your iPhone and continue what you were doing in your iPad,

How Many Apple ID do you Need For All Your Apple Devices?

Once you buy an apple product for the first time, apple will asked you to undergo an Apple ID sign up , this means to create new Apple ID or to sign in with an existing one.

Note that you need only one Apple ID which gives you access to the same iCloud account across devices.

Reasons You Should Not Share your ID After Apple ID Sign up?

Never share an apple ID, even with your closest relative; it’s a unique key for individuals, you should never share it for many reasons,

First, You are going to cause a lot of confusion by sharing this ID. When you sign up for an ID, Apple took your personal info . Secondly you must have stored information that you do not want to share, thirdly to avoid cluttering the content in your account.

What is Family Sharing In Apple ID account Page

If you really need to share the ID after Apple ID sign up, there’s an option for a Family Sharing group. This option will enable you to  invite some members  into a group where you can all access the same iTunes, iBooks, and App Store buys.

This actually means all members of that group will pay for whatever they buy from Apple from the same credit card.

There is an option to place a limitation on some members as you wish, may be some of your kid, but you really would have to be careful here, because the members of the group must be trusted people.

Apple ID Security

How Secured is apple ID

Apple id sign up and security

Apple id is where sensitive information is generally stored. All your billings information from apple, after Apple ID sign up is linked to your apple id, and iCloud drive is attached to your Apple ID too.

You do not want most of these information to be easily accessed by people, with exception of only those the should be shared with on your consent.

Your security, that of your data, and the security of your information is the main reason why apple came up with the ID, which of course is an ideal security solution,

What is the security strategy engaged in Apple id

The main function of the id is for effective identification of individual Apple users, secondly, the ID is used to notify users each time there is an access to their device or account, hence the reason why the ID is an email with a strong password.

When you or somebody logs into your ID from your device or another device, an email alert will be sent to your box, asking you to identify the user. This mail will notify you of the time and location the person logged in from.

What to do immediately you cannot identify a successful logged-in to your Apple ID

If you cannot identify a particular user at any time, please change your password  immediately, or contact Apple Support.

Best Way to Protect Your Apple ID

Apple id sign up, password and security

 You must not be in a haste, casual, or not careful when creating an account like. Take your time, and make no mistake. To protect your id account,

  • Make sure your password is strong enough
  • Be creative, and put together what is unthinkable. Then your account will be hard to hack. create a unique,
  • Make sure you update  your device regularly by always installing the latest update.
  • Upgrade your IOS once there is a new IOS update. On your device, go to Settings > General > Software Update, to find new updates.
  • I always encourage people to enable two-factor authentication, and this can always be done whenever you download the latest update.
  • Use this rout for the two-factor authentication; Settings > iCloud > Apple ID > Password & Security > Two-Factor Authentication.


Please do not be in a haste, take your time to go through Apple ID sign up, it will not take you more than 3 minutes, and that little time spent will save you the energy of insecurity threats.



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